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At first glance, running and smart phone technology may seem at odds, since running is a time for many people to unplug.  More than ever before, however, runners have become data-driven, always wanting to know how many calories were burned, kilometers covered, and elevation climbed.  Other apps help track goals, provide daily motivation, and even convert the kilometers you cover into money for charities.  Listed below are some of the best apps available for new and veteran runners alike.

Charity MilesCharity Miles is a simple app that tracks the number of kilometers walked, run, or biked and donates money to the charity of your choice.  For every 1.6k walked or run, the company donates $0.25, and for every 1.6k biked, $0.10 is donated to your favorite cause.  Not only can your run be charitable, but knowing that your exercise is benefitting others can be enough motivation to get out the door.

MapMyRunDon’t have a GPS watch but still want to know how far you have run and keep track of your routes?  With MapMyRun runners can use the GPS of their phone to save routes and track data such as pace and distance.  The app can also be used to log nutrition, cross training hours, calories burned, and other workout details.  Easily integrateable across all forms of social media, MapMyRun allows runneres to share their exercise with friends and family who are rooting them on. 

Couch-to-5KGeared towards beginners who are looking to complete their first 5k, Couch-to-5k works as a virtual coach to transform people with sedentary lifestyles into 5k runners in nine weeks.  The app provides three 30 minute workouts weekly, automatically stores data, and provides plenty of encouragement to help runners reach their goals.

This app is perfect for the runner who frequently travels or needs extra help coming up with new running routes around town.  Simply input where you would like to run and how far you would like to go and Localekiki will provide route suggestions complete with details on terrain, availability of restrooms, and traffic flow. 

Treadmill TrailsIf running inside on a treadmill is more your style, consider the app that will make the kilometers fly by.  The app is free to download, and then runners simply purchase the virtual trails that appeal to them.  While you are running in place you can visualize places you have never been, such as Central Park in New York or Hanakapai Park in Hawaii.  Each trail video lasts 30 minutes and can be synced with music. 

Perhaps the safest app you can download, RoadID stores emergency contact information into your phone and notifies your loved ones if you do not respond to the app’s alert system after 5 minutes of complete inactivity.  Do not wait for someone to find you should an accident occur; this app can bring you help within minutes of an unfortunate situation. 

In addition to all of our running inspired articles we also have an excellent eBook (PDF) format for download available. Here is the link to our running eBook that is chock full of helpful running information for beginners. Enjoy!

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