Running or Jogging

Is There a Difference Between Running and Jogging?

Someone asked me one day “how’s the jogging going?” I was actually confused. I didn’t know how to answer. I then started to wonder what is the difference.
Here is the results of a google search for jogging:
1. Run at a steady gentle pace, especially on a regular basis as a form of exercise. “he began to jog along the road”
Synonyms: run slowly, trot, lope, dog-trot; jog-trot
Okay – I motivate myself, get my gear on, do some stretches and tackle the city streets for a 5K. I work my way around cars, people and general running pains, heavy breathing and sweat. I am not an aggressive runner trying to beat each previous time or training for a marathon but nothing feels like a “steady gentle pace” as listed under the term jogging. When you run, you run to get exercise, you don’t need to exert yourself and you need to enjoy it but it is strenuous exercise not usually gentle. When someone asks me now how is the jogging, I am quite comfortable correcting them that I am actually a runner.
As a reference – I looked up run as running was loosely defined as things like running water or action or movement of a runner. The term run is simply stated as move at a speed faster than a walk or having both or all feet on the ground at the same time. I guess all feet would refer to animals etc.
Are you a Jogger or a Runner? If it feels like exercise, if you worked hard regardless of the pace – your a Runner!

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