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Lose Weight – Stay Fit – Improve Vitality is a new community for like minded people who enjoy running. To join our community click here to start participating and sharing, commenting or suggesting tips and ideas about running. We enjoy running and have lots of great ideas for this site but everyone’s participation is needed to make our site a great resource for all types of runners. Your support and contributions are appreciated!

The main focus of this site and the content is to help support and train people who DON’T run and struggle to run to learn how to be a regular runner. If you feel it it time to lose weight, tone up, improve cardio and to age with vitality then this site is for you. Running does not have to be a struggle or something that only athletes do; running is great for non athletes who just want to lose weight and stay fit!

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If you register but your registration gets deleted then email us – we typically delete all registrations that have odd user names and email accounts typically used by spammers such as .ru extensions – we seem to delete all new users (dozens per day to prevent spammers). By emailing to us we can ensure your registration is successful.

Articles for this site are currently written by myself (Rob) the site founder and from contributors who know a lot about running and want to share. We would love input from any new runners or experienced runners who have great tips to share with our community.

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