About Running.ca

We are Canadian, we love running and we want to share with the running community. We are working on building this running blog for everyone to share and learn about becoming a regular runner. Running seems so easy; get some shoes, running apparel and head out the door. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Actually, when you start running it can be pretty challenging and some great tips will help make it easier for you to make it a regular and loved fitness activity. We look at types of shoes, lacing, types of apparel, breathing, arms, stride, timing, motivation, nutrition and lots of other interesting tips and resources to become an effective runner. The most important thing about learning to run is reaching the place where you actually learn to love running; this will change who you are, how you feel and what you enjoy. We also want to attract users to this community that have running experiences and tips to share – your input is much appreciated!

The greatest challenge of running is just breaking through the runner’s wall. When you first set out to run, the first major issue will be your inability to breathe well and in many cases this is the first barrier to becoming a runner. Once you break through you will learn to love running, quickly become fitter and usually become thinner. You will have made a new defining lifestyle choice that will make you feel great about yourself. Running.ca will be your place to learn, to contribute and to get motivated!


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